The BEST little burger place in Baja

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The News Tells you TO BE AFRAID OF BAJA MEXICO! Baja Mexico is a dangerous place! You would be crazy to travel to Baja Mexico. Who do you believe? Even your friends tell you not to go to Baja Mexico...but how many of them have been here lately? Would the Media LIE TO YOU ABOUT BAJA MEXICO? Are our friends telling you the truth? IF you are READY for the truth and want to see the Baja Mexico that I have lived in for the last 6 years then watch this video.
   San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico is located 120 miles or a 2 hour drive south of the U.S. border. San Felipe is situated on the Sea of Cortez and being one of the closest cities to the U.S. on the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula, it is ripe with investment opportunities.

    Real estate bargains, beachfront properties, warm year round climate, a wide variety of activities, and close and easy proximity to the United States are making San Felipe one of the hottest investment areas in all of Baja.
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